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What’s the hottest coat this winter?

This coat quickly became the hottest item this year. Maybe one day you suddenly find out: Hey? Why are everyone around me wearing it.

Speaking of which, lamb fur coats have been on the rise for the past two years, and many stars and fashion bloggers have already put on their bodies.

The hottest thing is this teddy bear coat MaxMara, which is worn by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Yoyo Cao and Chiara Ferragni, almost one person, and the appearance rate is no less than 10,000 times ~

Well, this year, these plush coats have changed more looks. They look warm, cold and wind resistant, and most importantly, they have become more fashionable.

So we collected the opinions of several readers offline, and found that for the plush coat, the question that everyone cares about most is: how to wear it so that it does not look bloated?

Did you choose the right style?

Maybe you are hesitant to say that you want a warm and fashionable lamb fur coat, but you don’t know how to choose, long or short? Dark or light? Long or short? Then these 3 tips may help you, try it:

Want to warm, choose long

The most important function of a winter coat is to keep warm. If you are very afraid of cold, then a long lambskin coat can solve the temperature problem well, and because of the length, it is easy to wear out of the gas field.

However, because the material of the lambskin jacket is relatively heavy, once it is too long, it can easily make people look bloated. For example, in the picture below, the coat is as long as the ankle, and the whole person will feel overwhelmed by the clothes.

In fact, there is a little room between the bottom of the jacket and the ankles like this, exposing the slender calf part, which makes the collocation feel a little breathy, but it can optimize the figure proportion.

Want to be thin, choose short

For little girls and chubby girls, the best choice for a lambskin coat is short, because it does not pick a figure. If you have to say that wearing a plush coat like a bear, then you wearing a short coat It must be a “slim bear” ~

These two beige off-white fleece short coats like Caroline Daur and Aimee Song are soft and lightweight, super warm, and the price is more beautiful, one from Loewe and one from Mango. You can also know just by looking at the color, it is a must-have for a good match. Zara has many similar models in different colors, with prices ranging from 100-200 dollar.

Not long ago, Liu Wen wore a black and a brown, also with light-colored pants and black short boots, warm and shy.

This piece that Puya shot for PUMA is also a fleece style, which has also been very popular recently. The official Korean website sells for about 150 dollar .

Zhong Chuxi recently wore a green apple green color in the airport style, with casual sports pants and shoes, which is also more attractive. Her coat is from X-Girl.

The motorcycle lamb fur coat has been a hot style in the past two years. The lamb wool is combined with leather or suede inside, and a simple same-color sweater or sweater can be used to go out easily.

These are also good-looking, but it is not recommended that you buy them

The first is the Oversize and Long Plush models. If you are not in the Northeast or concave shape, you don’t need to consider it, because you are likely to be it after putting it on:

Therefore, when you choose, you must choose a style and a length of fluff. Otherwise, you will accidentally wear a small hair ball.

Another thing to note is the color, which generally looks high-level, with low brightness, purity, and saturation. The most stable and error-free colors are common colors such as milky white, brown, or black.

Animal print items have also become more popular in the past two years, adding a touch of wild color to ordinary winter days:

How does a lamb fur coat look fashionable?

Lamb fur coat + wide-leg pants

A few days ago, we just introduced wearing wide-leg pants. It ’s true. Wearing a lambskin coat is indispensable for universal wide-leg pants. Here are two things to keep in mind-first, to refuse complicated patterns. You will find that the people who wear it basically choose clean and pure color pants to match, because the plush jacket itself is already sufficient, and too much decoration will only make the whole body heavier and drag down the figure.

Choose high-waist line wide-leg pants and artificially make the waist line with a knitted sweater.

Lamb wool coat + same color / contrast color

We all want to dress a little bit more special in winter, but sometimes, too rich colors are not easy to manage, but they are self-defeating. In fact, we can try the same color system with less effort to create a neat and refreshing fashion sense. Both the bright and basic colors are more concise and fashionable, and the whole set will never be messy

The color contrast is good and it is very eye-catching. The most typical is the 50% color contrast method, which is not too eye-catching, but also enhances the sense of modeling.

I am a fashion girl. Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.