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Vintage 2011 Chanel Jumbo Classic Single Flap Bag

Half a month back, I declared I could never purchase a the maximum Chanel pack again. Around a similar time, I ran over this dazzling Chanel Caviar Quilted Jumbo Single Flap in Black recorded on Fashionphile. The pack was considered in ‘Awesome’ condition, and incorporated the first residue sack, realness card, and box.

I took a risk and requested it spontaneously. (Fashionphile offers an arrival arrangement and a six-month repurchase program, so I knew obtaining the pack was certifiably not a genuine hazard.) To state I’m satisfied with this ideal pre-adored pick is putting it mildly. Here’s all that you have to know.


We should begin with the self-evident: This is a Chanel pack, all things considered, which implies huge numbers of the ideal properties related with the brand are especially present in this particular sack – despite the fact that it’s moving toward its tenth birthday celebration. Fortunately, the style and look of Chanel Classic Flaps haven’t changed very much since they were first discharged, which is the reason purchasing a vintage, pre-cherished variant is an increasingly moderate and feasible decision.

With respect to this particular pack, the shocking grained caviar cowhide, the perfect sewing, and the unblemished equipment are on the whole flawless. In spite of the fact that the sack was recorded in ‘Awesome’ condition, I would contend it’s marginal ‘Fantastic.’ except for a solitary frayed join along the front fold, just as some wear on the handles, this pack is practically immaculate. What’s more, think about it: Walk into a boutique and buy a similar style for almost $7,000 (which incorporates charge), while this more seasoned rendition was valued underneath $3,000 (it was 30 percent off when I bought it).

I generally feel snappy when I wear it, and I additionally value the pack itself is very unobtrusive, particularly contrasted with a portion of Chanel’s latest discharges. Highlighting the class of any Chanel calfskin great, the sack can be effectively spruced up or dressed down, making it one of the most adaptable pieces in my assortment.

Usability + Functionality

I can come this down to three basic (and semi-questionable) words: Single Flap until the end of time. Despite the fact that the utilization of single folds has been generally ceased, I should state: A solitary fold is So. Much. More. Helpful. Given the pack includes a trusty CC turn lock, I don’t see the need to include an optional fold the inside.

In any case, given this pack is an a lot more seasoned model, it comes up short on the present twofold fold marvel. Everyday, it’s much simpler to pull my wallet, keys, and different necessities all through the pack, particularly when I’m in a rush. In some cases I locate the twofold fold shows a superfluous test while recovering things, particularly in case I’m surged in a store or bothered at an arrangement. In spite of the fact that this isn’t really a dealbreaker, I very much want Classic Flaps with one fold versus two – AKA a positive expert for this blast from the past.

Something else, the usefulness is keeping pace with every single other kind of Chanel Classic Flaps available, both new and old. This variant is bigger than the medium, enabling me to fit many things inside. I value the pack’s slim appearance (regardless of its large inside), keeping it near my body when worn over the shoulder. In the photographs all through this piece, you’d never realize the pack is really stacked with a full-size wallet, a lot of keys, a cosmetics pocket, shades, and some other little incidental things. That is a distinct convenience win to me.

Quality + Construction

At the point when the sack landed (in its unique box and residue pack!), it was in stunningly better condition than I anticipated! As I referenced before, it was recorded in ‘Awesome’ condition, anyway I’d state it’s for all intents and purposes in ‘Phenomenal.’ except for a frayed join along the front fold, the pack is unblemished. It has even kept up its shape very well, with no side slumping.

Thinking of it as is about 10 years of age, it’s consoling to realize the pack has stayed in such inconceivable condition. Obviously, the past owner(s) plainly dealt with it; in any case, I think it is additionally a demonstration of the fantastic nature of the pack itself.

With steady talk on tPF in regards to Chanel’s expanding costs and declining quality, I can comprehend the shock from long-term Chanel customers who accept the craftsmanship has seriously declined as of late. The manner in which this 2011 fold feels contrasted with my as of late acquired 2019 medium adaptation is striking. The 2011 adaptation is inconceivably solid, while my 2019 one feels sensitive and even fundamentally lighter contrasted with the more established one. Insofar as you discover a pre-cherished Chanel in ‘Awesome’ or ‘Incredible’ condition, it profits buyers to consider the transferred course when considering the quality contrasted with the value (for example phenomenal 2011 quality for around 60 percent beneath the present retail cost).

Cost + Value

About a year prior, I asked the PurseBlog people group whether regardless it appeared well and good to buy a spic and span Chanel Classic Flap Bag, in spite of the continuous cost increments and discussion on quality. The post was met with a lot of jabber, with numerous perusers saying I should buy pre-cherished Chanel as opposed to dropping $5,600 (or more) on a fold at a boutique.

I bought this 2011 adaptation for just shy of $3,000 (a value which included expense). Most Wallet on Chains are more costly than that! In stores, the Jumbo retails for $6,400 (after the ongoing cost increment). Since I obtained on Fashionphile, which graces purchasers with a 30-day merchandise exchange and a six-month repurchase program (which will give you a money measure of around 70 percent of what you initially paid. Not a store credit!), I think I got an extraordinary arrangement on this pack, particularly considering its condition and incorporation of a legitimacy card, box, and residue sack.

Staying Power

Like it or not, I don’t see Chanel going anyplace at any point in the near future. Costs proceed to rise, and I believe that is a demonstration of the power the brand has over customers.

Regardless of the period, the Jumbo Classic Flap Bag (and other Classic Flaps like it) are constantly accessible. What’s more, however most sacks aren’t ventures, its great look, combined with its flawless condition, persuades it’ll remain in style for quite a while.

By and large Rating

I’ll make this short: I’m excited with this buy. It may be one of my best yet. I can’t state the equivalent on the off chance that I had obtained this the maximum, however. All things considered, I contemplate utilizing it, and baffled that I had burned through such cash on a pack.

Now, I think if your heart is determined to Chanel, it quite often bodes well to go the pre-cherished course – simply as I did with this 2011 Chanel Jumbo Classic Single Flap Bag. Is it true that you are looking at any pre-adored sacks right now?

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