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Fashion Fendi Iconic Baguette Bags

The tote world just got a ton fresher gratitude to Fendi and extravagance perfumer Francis Kurkdjian with the presentation of scented Baguette Bags. Maison Francis Kurkdjian was established 10 years back by prime supporters Francis Kurkdjian and Marc Chaya. Kurkdjian's deep rooted energy for aroma radiates through in his work, and now he has collaborated with Fendi to make a first-of-a-sort scented cowhide. The scent, named FENDIFRENESIA, is imbued into the Baguette's finished Italian calfskin utilizing a mark system created by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. A restrictive licensed strategy guarantees with an assurance that the aroma will keep going for as long as three years. Said to be a multi-tangible encounter that investigates the faculties of touch, sight and smell, the

The Top Designer Handbags of 2019

The best designer handbags are more than, simply, elegant arm candy. Many are classics, staples in stylish wardrobes around the world, and all are investment pieces. The best transcend passing fads—no Juicy Couture velour purses here—and exist as carry-alls that you will tote throughout life. In cities like New York, your purse is your car. (In other cities, you actually have a car.) It’s how you present yourself, as much an extension of you as the business card you extend. Which is why having a good one is key—and having one of the “best” is desirable. The best bags of 2019 reflect this: Many are updates on old classics, like the new Fendi Baguettes, and a few are soon-to-be classics, like Burberry’s inspired-by-the-archives