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Most coveted bag this year

There was a time when wealth and influence meant too much grandeur: big houses, big cars, and top fashion items. Think of pre-recession mondo diamond rings, oversized fur coats, and printed handbags that will dwarf your bleak Outdoor Voice handbag. Today the situation has reversed: Admittedly, Balenciaga is still relying on its heavy Triple S sneakers, but low-key, minimalist fashion is beginning to dominate the upper classes of the power class-look at the senior women in The Row and Silicon Valley men flock to Brunello Cuccinelli. In order to keep up with fashionable and less flashy trends, the most sought-after bags seem to be the smallest. The secondary market e-retailer TheRealReal just released the resale report for the first half of 2019. The report shows that small goods are a big business.

For Gucci and Louis Vuitton, two of TRR’s most popular brands, three of the five most popular are reduced: Gucci’s mini suede Dionysus, Vuitton’s small PalmSprings backpack, and Vuitton’s Lockme mini backpack. If this is not enough to indicate that the secondary market is full of small goods, there is another statistic: searches for “mini bags” have increased by 544% compared to last year. That’s more growth than any other search term on TheRealReal throughout the year. Some small items that have made a huge impact include Jacquemus’s Le Chiquito bags, Chloé’s cube C bags, and Prada’s sleek, handheld Sidonie style. It’s not just our bags that are getting smaller and smaller: One of the retailer’s most popular household items is LouisVuitton’s mini suitcase.

Why have mini-products made such a big impact in the fashion industry? Well, there is an obvious mystery-the ability of funny little bags. This is a visual pun that will have such an important feature-we need to carry our mobile phone! ——Things become things that resonate widely with the Internet culture that is always reduced for the next key phrase. More importantly, without the wallet function, it means that the bag you carry is so small and so weird that you not only have to live a life unaffected by the group chat, but you also have enough Disposable income to buy something other than a function. You can spend your money on a bag that is more like performance art (or presentation art) than a container that is really used to transport your most important items.

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