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MONCLER GENIUS new series released

MonCLER GENIUS’s genius creativity has taken to a whole new level in the new season 2019-2020 world tour. The release of each Genius series is accompanied by a special plan to match it, to convey the unique charm of each series, which makes this season’s Moncler Genius’s global tour extraordinary, a blockbuster. All series have been carefully designed with special starters that are as exciting and anticipated as the tour schedule. A series of activities walking between the country and the country, city to city, like a flowing feast of genius creativity, showing the spark of inspiration to the world.

MonCler GRENOBLE ski series will be released globally

Sandro Mandrino is a whimsical pragmatist: in the design he pays great attention to the functionality of the clothing, but has never been restrained by the practical imagination of those practical rules. This balance of opposition became his most distinctive mark. On the fiftieth anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival, he builds a wonderful dialogue between seemingly alienated worlds, designing equipment for the splendid party carnivals and mountain cowboys-well-organized and styled Fresh and free. The Moncler Grenoble series is a high-tech apparel specially prepared by Moncler for skiers and enthusiasts, so performance has become their top priority. This series of fabrics are made of windproof and waterproof materials, and the outer breathable film and Velcro can effectively provide peace of mind protection without affecting the wearer’s limb flexibility. The high-tech foundation provided Mandrino with more freedom to experiment: from tie-dye, camouflage to flower patterns, he boldly tried; stripes and patchwork added a bit of agility and playfulness. Different items in the series echo each other, like festivals and carnivals in the snow, bursting out amazing energy. The value of Moncler’s brand and heritage is the source of all these changes. This collection takes ski clothing to another level of aesthetics, and gives it a new technical dimension and hippie style.

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