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How to maintain cashmere fabric

The cold-seasoning season that belongs to knitting is coming again. If you have purchased high-quality cashmere apparel made by brands such as Stella McCartney, Alanui, Bottega Veneta or Cashmere in Love, don’t neglect the maintenance steps after you buy it. How to keep your sweaters naturally fluffy? From washing and sculpting, to removing hairballs and preventing bites from biting, learn how to care for our cashmere fabrics now.

How to wash

The best way to clean cashmere is by hand. Turn your sweater to the reverse side and soak the clothes with slow running water. Be careful not to squeeze it by twisting or twisting to prevent deformation. Please follow the same steps when rinsing, and do not use high temperature to avoid fiber shrinkage. If you are using the hand washing mode of the washing machine, just put the sweater in a laundry bag or pillow case and then perform the washing.

How to dry

Do not wring your clothes dry, as this method will cause the sweater to lose its original shape. Conversely, you can use a dry towel to wrap the washed sweater, squeeze it gently to absorb excess water, spread it out and reshape it by hand. After molding, place the sweater on a clean towel and let it air dry. Tinker Bell: Prevent the plush fabric from approaching the heat source, such as away from the machine radiator or direct sunlight, can prevent the clothes from fading or deforming.

How to store

Please note that natural plush fabrics are also one of Moth’s favorite items. Before storing your sweater, make sure it is dry. We recommend keeping it in a zipper bag and putting it in the refrigerator for 48 hours to ensure that the larvae are killed, which will effectively prevent moths from causing erosion or spawning on your sweater. In addition, do not use a hanging method to store sweaters, thereby destroying the silhouette of the clothes. To avoid any pull, simply fold it and put it in the closet.

How to maintain

Even if it is a high-quality plush fabric, there will still be fluffy balls, but as long as it is cleaned and stored in accordance with the rules, it can still help the clothes maintain a perfect state. You can use a comb, a bristle brush or a hair removal machine to remove the hair balls. Just spread out your plush clothes, brush them carefully in the same direction, and then gently remove the fur balls. This will keep your sweater fluffy and soft.

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