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GIADA 2020 Fall-Winter Milan Show: Dreamy Misty Realm

At 1.30 pm on February 20th, Milan time, the GIADA 2020 fall-winter show was staged at the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. The show was created by Giuseppe Silvestrin, a well-known Italian art space master, and Gabriele Colangelo, the creative director of GIADA.

The cultural collection is surrounded by elegant reflections, and the breeze caresses the hazy tulle. Through the baptism of art and time, in a dreamlike space, depict the integration of nature and inner peace.

The GIADA 2020 Fall Winter Collection draws inspiration from the use of natural elements by contemporary female artist Karine Leger. In Karine Leger’s paintings, the wind blows over the tranquil lake, and the water waves are slightly reflected, reflecting the lush greenery that reflects the embankment. The boundaries between dreams and reality are gradually blurred, and nature and inner heart are interlinked, which is exactly the mood expressed by Gabriele Colangelo in the autumn and winter series of 2020.

The work of French abstract artist Hans Hartung is another source of inspiration for the GIADA 2020 autumn and winter series. Hans Hartung uses elegant and free brush strokes to outline abstract clusters of ink lines, which are also romantic and feminine, and free and easy. Just as the inner power of women that GIADA wants to express, it is pluralistic and unified.

Creative director Gabriele Colangelo combines modern geometric lines with agile natural elements into this season’s fashion design. Light and soft top-level fabrics, agile hand-painted prints, and dim natural trimming together create a deep and extreme sensory dream for the GIADA 2020 autumn and winter series.

The GIADA 2020 autumn and winter series has a neat and slender silhouette, and the delicate tailoring creates a unique sense of fashion space while cleverly fitting the female body lines. Hans Hartung’s romantic and abstract ink-print clusters are transformed into multiple uses in the design-the curves are just right, and the fringed and pleated crafts shine in the movement. Among the rich layers, there is a dreamy and gentle feminine charm.

In addition to black as the main color throughout the season, the use of earthy, buttery, dark gray, milky white and other soft colors organically blends with the calm brown tone, bringing the perfect balance of rationality and sensitivity. Slim camel hair, fine cashmere, wool, georgette, satin, Nappa leather and other superior fabrics and craftsmanship show unparalleled color texture.

GIADA 2020 autumn and winter series accessories, using jewelry, marble, irregular chains and other elements, for the finishing touch of the season. Marble handles for handbags and bucket handbags make the architectural aesthetics to the extreme. The slim line design of the shoes is very modern, and the integration of marble elements adds a touch of warm beauty.

Consistently, the GIADA 2020 autumn and winter series upholds the core concept of Art to Art, integrates art into fashion, and demonstrates women’s spiritual independence and self-worth in a minimalist and modern style. The core of this season’s design of natural external and introspective reconstruction is quietly hidden between softness and strength.

On the day of the show, Carlo Capasa, President of the Italian Fashion Association, Claudio Silvestrin, the father of minimalist architecture, Emanuele Farneti, editor-in-chief of the Italian version of Vogue, Giovanni Bianco, an internationally renowned art director, celebrities in the international art and cultural circles, opinion leaders in the global fashion industry, Authoritative fashion media such as editor-in-chief and director of big top fashion magazines all attended the scene to witness this art festival together.

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