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Danielo leads the trend of fast fashion, key factors win the market

As one of the fast fashion leading brands, Danielo has always adhered to the fast fashion brand positioning since its establishment, focusing on building product quality and grasping the fashion trend in the international market. After more than ten years of development, it has become a leading brand in the fast fashion industry , Deeply favored by consumers and franchisees, Danbinu fast fashion pattern has spread all over the country. So how did Danielo achieve the majority of the market in the fast fashion industry and become a fast fashion leader?

1.Fast response

The various performances of Tandemino in the market can be described in one word: quick response. When new popular elements appear on the international fashion stage, Danubino can apply the latest popular elements to the design of clothing in a short period of time, and complete the imitation of singers’ costumes or creative works of top-level clothing masters. From the identification of fashion trends to putting new clothing that meets the fashion trends into the store, it takes less than a month for Danbino, but under the traditional production method, this cycle takes 4-12 months.

2, Fashion capture

All of Danbino’s product lines are created by the company’s design studio in Tokyo, Japan and an international team of buyers, who fly to international fashion bases such as Milan, London, Paris and other cities every month to collect the latest fashion elements and ideas. The team of professional designers and buyers will provide targeted product support based on the seasonality of different regions and stores. On average, new arrivals are available every 15 days to achieve the unexpected “fast” fashion. You can get the information about the way of matching all the products and the information of the single product, and absolutely guarantee the first-class fashion and the speed of the introduction, and achieve true fast fashion.

After reading these, I finally know why Danbinu became so popular in the market and became a popular fast fashion brand. It is believed that with various key factors such as quick response and fashion capture, Danubino will definitely set off a huge wave again in the wave of fast fashion and set foot on the international stage.

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