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Danielo leads the trend of fast fashion, key factors win the market

As one of the fast fashion leading brands, Danielo has always adhered to the fast fashion brand positioning since its establishment, focusing on building product quality and grasping the fashion trend in the international market. After more than ten years of development, it has become a leading brand in the fast fashion industry , Deeply favored by consumers and franchisees, Danbinu fast fashion pattern has spread all over the country. So how did Danielo achieve the majority of the market in the fast fashion industry and become a fast fashion leader? 1.Fast response The various performances of Tandemino in the market can be described in one word: quick response. When new popular elements appear on the international fashion stage, Danubino can apply

Casio launches sheen best gift box

It seemed to be just the morning after waking up, with white breath overflowing between breaths, and a thin layer of frost formed on the window, and winter came silently like this. Casio's SHEEN SHS-D300 series cuts through the silence like a meteor, shining in winter. While adding a touch of eye-catching color to your wrist, it is in harmony with the winter colors and does not escape. The slender appearance reflects the elegance and lightens your winter workplace. The gift box design comes from Fauvism, and the SHEEN | BEAST gift box will eternally go to the end. SHEEN | BEAST Gift Box-SHS-D300 Series A woman is like a flower. This gift box design comes from BEAST Fauvism. The floral inspiration

2020 New Trend Jewellery Box

The fall-winter 2020 fashion week has just come to an end, and the jewelry style on the runway often leads this year's fashion trend. Metal and leather materials, shapes and exaggerated styles are still loved. Spring is coming, and your jewelry box should be updated too!

Gucci continues strong, Kering accelerates growth in Q4

February 12, 2020: Gucci, an Italian luxury product, continued to perform strongly in the fourth quarter, impacting parent company Kering SA (KER.PA) Kering Group to record better-than-expected quarterly performance. In the fourth quarter, Gucci recorded a 10.5% double-digit comparable growth, which was similar to 10.7% in the third quarter, far exceeding the market's expected 8.8%. The stronger performance of Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga impacted the Group's comparable performance in the fourth quarter. Revenue recorded an increase of 11.4%, exceeding market expectations of 10.9%. François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of the Group, commented on the results, saying that Kering Group has once again achieved sustained profitable growth in 2019, and its revenue has increased significantly, exceeding 15 billion euros for the first

How to maintain cashmere fabric

The cold-seasoning season that belongs to knitting is coming again. If you have purchased high-quality cashmere apparel made by brands such as Stella McCartney, Alanui, Bottega Veneta or Cashmere in Love, don't neglect the maintenance steps after you buy it. How to keep your sweaters naturally fluffy? From washing and sculpting, to removing hairballs and preventing bites from biting, learn how to care for our cashmere fabrics now. How to wash The best way to clean cashmere is by hand. Turn your sweater to the reverse side and soak the clothes with slow running water. Be careful not to squeeze it by twisting or twisting to prevent deformation. Please follow the same steps when rinsing, and do not use high temperature to

Trends of Six winter boots in the season

From snake prints to white knee-high boots to the most coveted bovver wedge boots of the season-this is a summary of the hot trends of winter boots 2019. Whether you're wearing white jeans all winter, or a 70's sweater dress, or a plain suit all day long-there is always a winter boot to match any situation. Here are the six most popular boots in street shooting right now. Thick-soled boots You must already know that we love the luxurious and thick appearance of PradaMonolith combat boots and Bottega Veneta Chelsea boots, but here we want to emphasize again. The era of thick-soled boots has arrived, and this season you will find it seamlessly matched with SimoneRocha's romantic taffeta dress and loose 90s jeans. Think

What’s the hottest coat this winter?

This coat quickly became the hottest item this year. Maybe one day you suddenly find out: Hey? Why are everyone around me wearing it. Speaking of which, lamb fur coats have been on the rise for the past two years, and many stars and fashion bloggers have already put on their bodies. The hottest thing is this teddy bear coat MaxMara, which is worn by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Yoyo Cao and Chiara Ferragni, almost one person, and the appearance rate is no less than 10,000 times ~ Well, this year, these plush coats have changed more looks. They look warm, cold and wind resistant, and most importantly, they have become more fashionable. So we collected the opinions of several readers offline, and found that