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Most coveted bag this year

There was a time when wealth and influence meant too much grandeur: big houses, big cars, and top fashion items. Think of pre-recession mondo diamond rings, oversized fur coats, and printed handbags that will dwarf your bleak Outdoor Voice handbag. Today the situation has reversed: Admittedly, Balenciaga is still relying on its heavy Triple S sneakers, but low-key, minimalist fashion is beginning to dominate the upper classes of the power class-look at the senior women in The Row and Silicon Valley men flock to Brunello Cuccinelli. In order to keep up with fashionable and less flashy trends, the most sought-after bags seem to be the smallest. The secondary market e-retailer TheRealReal just released the resale report for the first half

Love Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag

A year ago for Christmas I got the ideal present from my better half, a Chloé Faye shoulder pack (I might have dropped some significant clues). I had been tingling to possess a Faye sack since Megs originally shrouded it in the spring of 2015, yet I was constantly terrified of the softened cowhide fold. The Faye comes in a calfskin fold adaptation, however I have consistently been attracted to the complexity of the softened cowhide fold against the calfskin body and the surface it gives the plan. At the point when the Faye at long last turned into mine last December, I was similarly overjoyed with delight and panicked to go outdoors of its residue sack. It has gotten