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GIADA 2020 Fall-Winter Milan Show: Dreamy Misty Realm

At 1.30 pm on February 20th, Milan time, the GIADA 2020 fall-winter show was staged at the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. The show was created by Giuseppe Silvestrin, a well-known Italian art space master, and Gabriele Colangelo, the creative director of GIADA. The cultural collection is surrounded by elegant reflections, and the breeze caresses the hazy tulle. Through the baptism of art and time, in a dreamlike space, depict the integration of nature and inner peace. The GIADA 2020 Fall Winter Collection draws inspiration from the use of natural elements by contemporary female artist Karine Leger. In Karine Leger's paintings, the wind blows over the tranquil lake, and the water waves are slightly reflected, reflecting the lush greenery that reflects the embankment. The

Latest 3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-Fall 2020

Phillip Lim and his partner and chief executive officer Wen Zhou chose to hold their 3.1 Phillip Lim pre-fall appointments for press and retailers at their store on Great Jones Street, a symbolic shift of venue for the brand. "The word is transformation," Lim said. Like many others in fashion, Lim has been reevaluating his working ways. "As a brand, we've been going through a shift in terms of what's important to us, meaning a more conscious way of working. I call it 3.1 Sustainable Balance because it's about giving the customer the promise of expanding her wardrobe while bringing in more sustainable clothes a more sustainable way of soccer jerseys replica working. At the end of the day, I have

The 18 Best Mini Bags of Winter 2019

Mini bags have been making waves in the handbag world for a while now, and I hope you love the trend, because it's not going anywhere anytime soon. After the short-lived trend for massive, overly heavy, totally unwieldy oversized bags, the trend pendulum swung toward minis, and all of our arms and shoulders rejoiced. I love everything about mini bags, from the compact size, to the long shoulder strap, to the fact that my favorite designers have all designed pint-sized version of my favorite bags. Withvivienne westwood outlet winter here, a mini bag is even more important as you spend more time out on long winter days. I rounded up the 18 Best Mini Bags of Winter 2019 in the best shades