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Casio launches sheen best gift box

It seemed to be just the morning after waking up, with white breath overflowing between breaths, and a thin layer of frost formed on the window, and winter came silently like this. Casio’s SHEEN SHS-D300 series cuts through the silence like a meteor, shining in winter. While adding a touch of eye-catching color to your wrist, it is in harmony with the winter colors and does not escape. The slender appearance reflects the elegance and lightens your winter workplace. The gift box design comes from Fauvism, and the SHEEN | BEAST gift box will eternally go to the end.

SHEEN | BEAST Gift Box-SHS-D300 Series

A woman is like a flower. This gift box design comes from BEAST Fauvism. The floral inspiration is transformed into a SHEEN | BEAST gift box, which integrates the beauty of art into daily life. It lights up winter with the light of time. SHEEN meets winter and shines like you.

The elegant style of Roman numerals has always been used by many fans. The Casio SHEEN SHS-D300 series presents the 12 o’clock time scale with Roman numerals, embellishing the dial with classic charm. In addition, the SHS-D300PGM-4APR and SHS-D300M-7APR use woven steel straps for the first time, unifying the style with the metal case, and a simple three-hand dial, which is elegant and generous in seconds.

Time captures the rich fragrance of flowers, swimming at your fingertips, and wandering between your wrists. If you want to collect more warmth for the winter workplace, the soft and warm sand color is definitely not to be missed, as if it is a sun-drenched beach, which injects a strong warmth into your daily commute. With SHS-D300PGM -4APR, the sand color and the golden color match immediately, which shows the elegant style of warmth and gorgeous symbiosis.

By carefully pruning each bunch of flowers and continuing her life, beauty and time can coexist. In the winter workplace, a decisive and capable style is indispensable. Choose a gray plaid coat to enhance your sexual aura. With the intellectual silver of SHS-D300M -7APR, it seems to condense the galaxy between your wrists and touch the fine lines of the strap. Exquisite trajectory.

SHEEN | BEAST Gift Box-SHE-4531

It has a pink appearance, and it seems to see the pure girl, the smile that appears when opening the box. SHE-4531 contrasts with the beautiful and playful peculiar to young girls in the workplace. As a fresh pie in the SHE-4531 series, the embossed leather strap of SHE-4531CGL-7AUPR chose the hot orange powder this year, which is distributed with the beast in the gift box The decoration is more playful and lovely, gentle and touching.

Every elegant girl is focused on a beautiful and interesting life. Fauvism has added countless artistic breath to life. If you are also pursuing a sophisticated lifestyle, this special SHEEN | BEAST gift box is not to be missed.

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