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Danielo leads the trend of fast fashion, key factors win the market

As one of the fast fashion leading brands, Danielo has always adhered to the fast fashion brand positioning since its establishment, focusing on building product quality and grasping the fashion trend in the international market. After more than ten years of development, it has become a leading brand in the fast fashion industry , Deeply favored by consumers and franchisees, Danbinu fast fashion pattern has spread all over the country. So how did Danielo achieve the majority of the market in the fast fashion industry and become a fast fashion leader? 1.Fast response The various performances of Tandemino in the market can be described in one word: quick response. When new popular elements appear on the international fashion stage, Danubino can apply

Blue fantasy Gucci 2020 new blue GG Blooms series

Printing has always been Gucci's unique aesthetic logo, and his creative belief in animism can be clearly seen in the contemporary interpretation of printed flowers by creative director Alexandro Micheli. Printing has always been Gucci's unique aesthetic logo, and his creative belief in animism can be clearly seen in the contemporary interpretation of printed flowers by creative director Alexandro Micheli. Gucci Gucci bag 2016 new blue GG Blooms series, when the vibrant blue geranium bouquet and the elegant GG logo overlap, the fantasy and imaginary world created by the elements of nature spread in front of the eyes with a colorful gesture, showing unique Self attitude towards life.

Coach announces Jennifer Lopez as new global spokesperson

New York, March 7, 2020 — Coach is proud to announce the award-winning actress, singer and producer Jennifer Lopez as the brand's new global spokesperson, who will be photographing high-end ready-to-wear, leather goods, handbags and Advertising image of footwear series. Jennifer Lopez, who has been acting with his own ideas and style since starting his career, has become an international superstar who has redefined industry standards at many levels. Just like Coach, this brand founded in New York 78 years ago holds the belief in true self-expression, is known for its leather craftsmanship, quality and classic New York style, and upholds the spirit of optimism, tolerance and authenticity. "I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with Coach." Jennifer Lopez

Casio launches sheen best gift box

It seemed to be just the morning after waking up, with white breath overflowing between breaths, and a thin layer of frost formed on the window, and winter came silently like this. Casio's SHEEN SHS-D300 series cuts through the silence like a meteor, shining in winter. While adding a touch of eye-catching color to your wrist, it is in harmony with the winter colors and does not escape. The slender appearance reflects the elegance and lightens your winter workplace. The gift box design comes from Fauvism, and the SHEEN | BEAST gift box will eternally go to the end. SHEEN | BEAST Gift Box-SHS-D300 Series A woman is like a flower. This gift box design comes from BEAST Fauvism. The floral inspiration

GIADA 2020 Fall-Winter Milan Show: Dreamy Misty Realm

At 1.30 pm on February 20th, Milan time, the GIADA 2020 fall-winter show was staged at the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. The show was created by Giuseppe Silvestrin, a well-known Italian art space master, and Gabriele Colangelo, the creative director of GIADA. The cultural collection is surrounded by elegant reflections, and the breeze caresses the hazy tulle. Through the baptism of art and time, in a dreamlike space, depict the integration of nature and inner peace. The GIADA 2020 Fall Winter Collection draws inspiration from the use of natural elements by contemporary female artist Karine Leger. In Karine Leger's paintings, the wind blows over the tranquil lake, and the water waves are slightly reflected, reflecting the lush greenery that reflects the embankment. The

2020 New Trend Jewellery Box

The fall-winter 2020 fashion week has just come to an end, and the jewelry style on the runway often leads this year's fashion trend. Metal and leather materials, shapes and exaggerated styles are still loved. Spring is coming, and your jewelry box should be updated too!

MONCLER GENIUS new series released

MonCLER GENIUS's genius creativity has taken to a whole new level in the new season 2019-2020 world tour. The release of each Genius series is accompanied by a special plan to match it, to convey the unique charm of each series, which makes this season's Moncler Genius's global tour extraordinary, a blockbuster. All series have been carefully designed with special starters that are as exciting and anticipated as the tour schedule. A series of activities walking between the country and the country, city to city, like a flowing feast of genius creativity, showing the spark of inspiration to the world. MonCler GRENOBLE ski series will be released globally Sandro Mandrino is a whimsical pragmatist: in the design he pays great attention to